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Feb 6, 2011

The Treasures that One Seeks in Life Can Only Be Found Within - January 30, 2011

During a Jindao Health Transforming Qigong session (aka: Healing), blocked or stagnant energy (be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever) is released and there is a catharsis that leaves you feeling free and clear of your pains or illness. During a session, rather than focusing on the pain or illness, which gives greater power to it and causes it to grow bigger and stronger, the focus is on growing the remaining wellness until it blossoms forth. When the release occurs, there is often a sudden insight in the true cause of the pain or illness, bringing deeper understanding of what the body was trying to tell you.

In much the same way, when you face problems (situations that cause stress, tension, anxiety, and the inability to relax), if you think and ponder and continue to fight against them, things just get worse as this CONFLICTED state starts to spread out to other aspects of your life. The left side of the brain uses logic to "solve" problems and fights and struggles to force things to come out according to this logic. Being in a fearful state, your left side of the brain wants to be in charge and its insistence on using logic to force a solution becomes the very thing that prevents any solution from coming through. It says that 'you MUST DO something, you need more of this or more of that, you are not trying hard enough, you must measure up, and so on'. In this way, your mind actually creates the STRESS you feel! And, it stifles your creative insight to find a better way (not harder way).

Obviously, logic doesn't work here. In fact, the left side of the brain processes only 7 to 40 bits of information per minute while the right side of the brain processes MILLIONS of bits of information per minute! Logically (ha, ha!), I would trust my right side of my brain to work things out. The right side of the brain uses INSPIRATION, which activates INTUITION, which activates EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE (feelings), which activates INSPIRED ACTION to achieve results.

It is necessary to ask yourself, "Who is doing the driving?". In other words, where are my thoughts coming from that are responding in a negative way (stress, anxiety, tension, etc.)? More often that not these thoughts are HABITUAL unconscious beliefs that have been imposed on you. When problems arise, you have to remove yourself from this state of wanting and lacking and from unconscious beliefs that hold us back from finding a solution. There comes a point that you have to take personal responsibility for your habitual thoughts, your actions, and thus, the RESULTS that are showing in your life.

According to Paul Bauer, author of Effortless Manifesting, your mind has unconscious believes that say that "I’m bad with love, money, health, energy, recognition, self-esteem, confidence, whatever it might be. So if I can step back long enough, and let go of my mind’s ability to try and control it all, even if the mind fears letting go, that’s okay. And maybe I can have some peace in that moment. I can come back into the presence. I can live in the now for just a moment in time. That’s all you’ve got to do."

Just like physical pain in the body comes from emotional blockages and is trying to get your attention, likewise ("as above, so below; as within, so without") whatever stress you have in your life is literally trying to get your attention. Sometimes screaming for your attention! Says Paul Bauer, ". . . imagine the stress that comes up in your life is like a basketball and you’re in the water and you’re trying to push it in. You’re trying to push that basketball down and you notice it takes a little bit of energy to get that ball under the water. That ball represents the problem or the challenge or the stress that keeps surfacing. So let’s say that you push it down with one arm and then another ball comes up, which represents some other major stress in your life. Something about money, something about someone in your family is sick, a task that you’ve gotta get done or a series of tasks. All of a sudden now it’s a multiple set of balls and you’re trying to push those down with your arms. Now you’ve got your legs and all of a sudden you can’t control them any longer. So what if you let go?"

In order to let go, you first have to breathe correctly. Stress accumulates more and more in the body and causes you to tighten up and to breathe from the chest instead of the diaphragm. By breathing softly and gently from the diaphragm, your mind can get quieter so that you can calm down and let go. The more you feel that feeling, the more bottled up energy comes up and out your nervous system. Meditational breathing as practiced by Qigong allows you to "understand what the signals that are coming up and out of your nervous system really are, what that energy is, why it’s there in your body to begin with and what it’s trying to say".

According to Paul Bauer, "The point is to have the intent of having peace with that which doesn’t feel peaceful within you. What comes after that, what comes into your life when your mind is calm, when you don’t have a polarized mind in other words, one that says I want it. I don’t have it. If I could only have it, then things would get good. And that constant feeling of separation. That’s what I mean by polarized. It’s split into two. I don’t have it, if I only could, I’d feel better. And that’s the cause of our suffering. . . One of the biggest false premises [based on an unconscious belief] is that we’re separate from the very thing we want most. . . Intuitively, you know that you’re not separate from anything. You’re not separate from your Source, your God, your Creator, whatever you call God in your life. Despite the religious upbringing that you might have gone through, despite the systems that you’ve been through, whether it be the schools, the familial systems, the media that you watch, they all have done a great job trying to prove that you’re separate in some way from who you really are. Until you shift your intent along the way and you find someone, you find a mentor, you find a teacher, you find a friend, you find a book… something that helps you remember something in you and a light turns on. It kind of scares you sometimes at first or it just gives you pause. . . If what you want isn’t here right now, it’s because your mind thinks that it’s not here. And it keeps creating a field where you can’t see it, you can’t feel it, you can’t sense it. It’s when the mind lets go and there’s a greater force within you that turns things on for you. It’s not outside of you, that greater force, it’s within you right now.”

Continues Paul, "If you feel you are not getting what you want, you might ask yourself, 'How am I giving to others?' If you’re not getting what you want the signal you’re getting back is the way you’ve been doing it isn’t working for you. So it’s just sending you a signal back… okay, this way doesn’t work. You might want to consider another way. What could that other way be? Until you let go, you don’t know because your way, the way that the mind is thinking it needs to control it, may not be the way. You’ve got to find what the way is and I don’t mean it’s outside of you. I mean letting go of the mind. So since creation is always teaching us the simplest way of how to create, all you’ve got to do is listen. If you’re creating what you want with ease, then you are tuned in, you’re into it, into your intuition power. Because if you’re “off path”, that’s when you’re having stronger difficulties and friction and static and resistance in your life. The more you don’t think you have what you want, the more you think that you’ve got to go out and get it, the more you think that it’s not being given to you, etc. It creates that constant cycle of not enough and I have to continue to do something in order to get something. And all that while, it’s literally depleting energy from your vital organs, from your brain to your kidneys. The great myth is that we need to attract the stuff we want and “get it” in order for us to feel better."

This means that YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE ALREADY, but you aren't in the place within yourself yet to see it around you. Your stressing makes you not see it. Ask yourself “What if I could have this in my life right now, how would I feel right now? If this was real in my life right now.” Continues Paul Bauer with some VERY important points, "Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tune into that feeling of what if this was real right now. Continue to breathe all the way to your belly. Feel that feeling. Just continue to breathe into that. Notice that. Notice the shift that just happened within you. That's the beginning of cultivating your sacred self. That’s the real you. Ask yourself “How often do I spend time here?”. “How often do I allow myself to be in this place, this feeling?” If the answer is not often, that’s the reason why you don’t have it yet. Because guess what? It is real right now. The only problem is the mind doesn’t notice it. The mind can’t create it for you. I don’t have to attract stuff. The reason why is because I am that which I intend. The moment I intended, it’s real. Just like that. Even if my mind can’t see it, can’t feel it, can’t taste or touch or smell it, yet I know it’s here right now. It’s noticing what’s going on inside you, noticing what those thoughts are that are feeling other than peace and tuning into them and shifting the intent from unconsciously saying I don’t have it to you know what? Thank you. It’s here right now even if my mind doesn’t yet see it or feel it, you can breathe into that. . . There’s a part of your mind that’s called a reticular activating system and it focuses on stuff and it filters stuff out. The reason why you think you don’t have what you want is that part of you has been told to keep it out. So the RAS is doing it’s job. It’s doing what it was told to do a long time ago. It’s almost like a prime directive. It’s protecting you. It’s a law within you and it says do not let her or him go there because if they do they’re going to get hurt again just like when you were a child. . . It was there the whole time but your mind was filtering it out. . . Whatever it means to you in your life whether it be money or recognition or health or love or radiant energy or confidence, whatever it is. If you don’t have it, there’s a part of you that’s intending for you not to and that’s the part of you that you haven’t yet made peace with, that you haven’t integrated, that you haven’t given the love that it wants most. That’s what it wants most dearly from you is your love. . . because the thing that I thought I wanted was the thing that I needed to give myself first. Whatever you feel denied of is the thing you deny yourself. Whatever you don't have is something that you're withholding from yourself."

Since we are created from the unconditional giving of The Source, we are made of this creative Source energy. Wanting creates more not having, but whatever you think about most you create in your life. So, letting go and accepting that you already have everything now allows you to tune in to your creation already being real. Connecting to The Source connects us to the power of pure intent. Intent is just pure energy. Intent is pure creation. Your deepest pain has a positive intent for you in some way. Continues Paul, "Maybe I’m going to begin to shift my intent from “this is a bad thing in my life” to “maybe it’s got positive intent and maybe it’s actually a good thing, but I haven’t yet noticed it with my mind”. So as I begin to cultivate that peace within me and its positive intent, I notice that this block turns into a “Go” sign, a green light. In fact, it will give me the very energy that I want the most because within the block lies incredible trapped energy and power in such vast amounts that it will blow you away. It will liberate you. It will free you. It will open your mind and it will give you a sense of ease in your body that maybe you’ve never imagined. So instead of treating it as a block, treat it as a gift. And you listen to its lesson."

Once calmed, you can ask yourself:  "WHAT is the lesson to be learned from this situation?" Asking open ended questions activates the right side of your brain, which engages the intuitive part of your mind. So, by stopping to ask yourself "what are the lessons that I am supposed to be learning here so I can transcend this situation now" or "what is the positive intent of this challenge", something inside you comes through to bring you insight. This insight brings self transformation as a sudden release occurs that explains what the lesson to be learned is. The "Aha!" moment happens, which brings great calm and clarity, just as "healing" brings cathartic release. Thus, the more you breathe when things are though, the more you can accept, the more peace you bring to yourself, and the more effortless results you will see in your life.

A final word from Paul Bauer: "Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath all the way down to your belly. (breathe in… and breathe out…) And feel your connection to Mother Earth. (breathe in… and breathe out…) And know that you are complete, that you’re loved, that you’re safe, and that you’re whole. You are enough. You are enough. Everything you could possibly imagine is within you. There’s no need to go outside of you to have it or to be it or to feel it. It’s here right now within you."

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