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Feb 6, 2011

Scientific Proof that ‘Our thoughts create our reality' - January 2, 2010

Thoughts lead to emotions or feelings that often manifest as physical symptoms and habitual behavior. People that work in the healing arts know this, but there exists scientific medical proof for this idea.

According to medical science (from the article "Neuropeptides: the molecules of emotions" by Dr Arien van der Merwe): "Peptides consist of strings of amino acids of varying lengths, joined together in a necklace by very strong bonds made of carbon and nitrogen. Between 10 and 100 amino acids that form a strong bond, are called peptides. Amino acids are the letters that when combined in certain sequences, form the words that are peptides, or the sentences that are polypeptides or proteins. These all make up a language that forms and directs the function of every single cell, organ and system inside the body, from the deepest vibrations of the DNA molecule inside the nucleus of every cell, to the macrocosmic systems function of the whole individual being. Common peptides include the endorphins (our own happy hormones), insulin (responsible for blood sugar control), vasopressin (responsible for blood pressure), sex hormone releasing hormones, serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter)."

Peptides are made not only in the body but in the brain as well, which makes neuropeptides. Well known groups of neuropeptides include the neurotransmitters that carry messages across synapses in the nervous system, growth factors, gut peptides, immune system modulators (e.g., growth inhibitors that tell cells when to stop growing). A better term for the peptides might be informational substances . They form a two-way network between the mind and body. Dr. Candace Pert is a neuroscientist who did a lot of research on the neuropeptides ( http://www.candacepert.com/  ). She was the first to call them the ‘molecules of emotions' in her books. More than 90 neuropeptides have been identified so far, associated with mood changes, nerve, hormone, and immune regulation. One of the revolutionary findings that Candace Pert discusses is that body chemicals form an information network that links the body and mind. According to Candace Pert's research: Depending on the thoughts and emotions, specific neuropeptides are made in the brain and nervous system, white blood cells, reproductive system, digestive system and heart, and more. All the neuropeptides have a similar molecular structure, with subtle differences in the tertiary structure, meaning that only the frequency and amplitude at which each molecule oscillates (wavelike vibrations of electrons in each molecule), differ. Neuropeptides change configuration (like a chameleon) due to emotional influence, according to specific thoughts and emotions. Dr. Pert has explained in popular lectures throughout the world how emotions exist both as energy and matter, in the vibrating receptors on every cell in the body. She describes the mysterious energy connecting body to mind & emotions as the free flow of information carried by the biochemical of emotion: neuropeptides and their receptors.

Says Dr. Pert, "The fact that the word “trauma” has been used to describe both physical and mental damage has been a key part of my theory of how the molecules of emotion integrate what we feel at every level of what I've called our bodymind. As a practical manner, people have a hard time discriminating between physical and mental pain. So often we are “stuck” in an unpleasant emotional event – a trauma – from the past that is stored at every level of our nervous system and even on the cellular level – i.e., cells that are constantly becoming and renewing the nervous system. My laboratory research has suggested that all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are filtered, and memories stored, through the molecules of emotions, mostly the neuropeptides and their receptors, at every level of the bodymind."

She explains and demonstrates how the brain, immune system, and endocrine system link and communicate with each other.  For example, Neuropeptides cause chemical changes in the body that can improve or weaken the immune system. Stress and depression can suppress the activity of lymphocytes, the white blood cells that are the body's first line of defense against cancer and invading organisms. Diseases of the immune system include HIV/aids, cancer, allergies, arthritis, infections, the auto-immune disorders such as ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, and many other conditions that are a consequence of either a under- or an over-active immune system. Cells in the immune system are responsive to all 90 neuropeptides, that are triggered by our thoughts and emotions. When people raise their self esteem, it has been shown that their immune systems get boosted as well.

Another example: according to Dr. Arien's article, "The specific feel-good peptide (e.g. serotonin), bind to its specific receptors on the cell membrane. This sends a ‘feel-good' message to the inside of the cell, right into the nucleus. The message influences every function the cell is responsible for. Now consider the fact that you constantly think of things others have done to harm you; resentful, angry thoughts and feelings that grow and increase to disproportionate levels every time you think it. The thoughts become emotions, then the neuropeptides that course through your body-mind, influencing cell function and efficacy. Do you think that any cell receiving these messages for 30 years, would still feel like functioning well enough for you to be optimally happy, alive and fully self-actualizing to become all you're meant to be?" Now THAT is food for thought! In the same way we can get addicted to drugs because we have receptors for these drugs we can become addicted to emotions; with molecules of emotions, like anger, worrying, or depression, we get addicted to the emotion and we act out the same patterns over and over again. There patterns block us from changing and force us to suffer with habitual behaviors that stagnate our growth.

Continues Dr. Arien: "Your cells feel the way you do! Your thoughts do create your reality! What you spend your time thinking about, becomes the facts of your life. That's why positive affirmations actually work – repeating simple, positive, powerful statements to yourself, changes the frequency of the vibrations around your own neuropeptides, allowing cells to function better, your mind to find solutions to reach your goals, and your whole body-mind system to function optimally. Changing your habitual thought patterns to one of positivity and love, such as ‘ I am calm in my body, in my mind and in my emotions', ‘I succeed', ‘I feel calmness flowing through me', ‘I love, accept and approve of myself just as I am', ‘I live my truth', ‘let go let God', or the Sanskrit mantra, ‘om gum gana patayei namaha' to remove energy blockages, will allow the electrons around the nucleus of your neuropeptides to send positive, feel-good vibrations of waves and particles throughout your body-mind being. These vibrations bind to your cell receptors and allow the message to go right into your physical and spiritual DNA, the genetic source of your being. . . Emotions like bitterness, unresolved anger, resentment, fear and worry constantly trigger your stress response. These then become buried in ever deepening layers inside the cell memories. The layers become the physical footprints of your dream body, psyche or soul, manifesting in physical illness or chronic health problems."

Concludes Dr. Arien: "Where are your thoughts? Anticipation, fear and worry are mostly in the future where you have no control. Unresolved anger, bitterness, resentment are in the past. You can only learn, grow and let go of the past. You can never change it. So why waste your precious life force energy there? These thoughts prevent you from being in the present, the NOW, which is all you have. Thoughts lead to emotions or feelings that often manifest as physical symptoms and habitual behavior."

In the Jindao Qigong healing system that I practice, during the Shaolin Pre-Birth Qigong method, the true source of pain or illness is revealed. This revelation awakens buried memories that serve as blockages within the body and mind. These blockages cause stagnation, which are expressed as pain and illness. Once the cell memories are wakened, they can reach the conscious mind, so that you can make contact with your whole, integrated human beingness, leading to the identification of the deep issues that might play a role in the disease process. Healing is fast and immediate at this point. Through this, pain or disease becomes a teacher potentially leading to important life lessons, personal and spiritual growth and healing from the inside out. Many people who have experienced Qigong energy healing from me can indeed attest to this very thing happening before their pains and illnesses were released for good.

Also, in the Jindao Qigong healing system, during healing, purifying, and manifesting, one is told to create the thoughts about what one desires on a spiritual level and then one vibrates their physical self to merge with this spiritual self by intentionally causing one's emotional center to feel the emotions of Joy and Gratitude. These very powerful emotions (E-Motion, energy in motion, which is the literal definition of the Chinese words "Qi Gong"), it can be seen through the research of Candace Pert, create positive vibrations that ring like a bell throughout one's body and soul. Thoughts are things, not only in concept, but also as real physical molecules that are produced and change one's life, positively or negatively. As Dr. Robert Anthony says "When suffering becomes worse than change, you will change"! The great news is that not only is the Choice yours but you have the real ability to create this change, break your addiction to negative emotions, and release yourself from suffering because  you can completely recover by choosing your thoughts and creating a new vision for yourself and basically a new brain.

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