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Feb 6, 2011

Do You Know Your True Heart's Desire? - November 21, 2010

No matter what we do, no matter how much we try to hide it, people are simply NOT happy when they are not following their true heart's desire. Doing what they are forced to do by circumstance, biology, making other people happy at the expense of our own happiness, working for people or companies that do not appreciate us, or simply not even KNOWING what our heart's desire is yet brings people to a state of apathy, despair, or anxiety. Following our heart's desire brings us a sense of purpose that nothing else can satisfy. Some people try to bury this feeling with drinking, drugs or other vices, but deep down the feeling of unsatisfaction is not only still there but grows even stronger.

Since everything is made of energy, everything in our life vibrates, including our thoughts, ideas, and emotions. When our actions match our current feelings, our bodies physically, emotionally, and spiritually resonate in unison. Even the latest issues of Scientific American and Science magazines discuss studies that show that a "wandering mind is an unhappy one", where the latest research shows that being absorbed in what you do makes us feel more fulfilled. Our most fulfilling experiences are typically those that fully engage us body and mind; during these moments we feel free of worry or regret. Instead, we feel recharged and vital. Fulfilling pursuits ("following our heart's desire") keep us focused. When our attention is deeply absorbed in doing what make's us happy, we find that we attract even more of the positive things or experiences in our lives that continue to fulfill us.

On the other hand, doing what we don't really want to do makes our mind wander. When we are not doing what makes us happy, since our attention is focused on unpleasant actions, we get not only negative feeling but also negative results. Just like the wise traditions teach, we're happiest when thought and action are aligned, even if they're only aligned to wash dishes. When we do what we don't really want to do, our minds start to wander and then begin to feel unhappy. Mental presence - the matching of thought to action - is a strong predictor of happiness.

The problems with happiness start when you are out of control. You walk around in a dream, pretending you're awake, pretending you're in control of your life. But you're not. Your mind or your body is in control, but not "You". You walk around pretending you are in control, but instead mental programs that you are often not even aware of block you from being true to yourself. They're pulling the strings behind the scenes - and most of the time we're NOT EVEN AWARE OF IT. What's in control is our habit patterns, our habitual emotions, our drives, our past experiences, etc., all of which act as blockages that stagnate. But if we want to move forward with our lives, if we want to transform, we must remove these blockages and then manifest our true purpose.

Says motivation expert Steven G. Jones, "Realize this, everything that you want out of life, you want because you feel it brings you happiness. Be it wealth, health, relationships, love, abundance or anything else, the reason why you desire these things is because they represent happiness to you. The other reason you may make a decision or desire something is to avoid consequence or pain. If you feed your subconscious thoughts of what represents pain or consequence and constantly make decisions to avoid those things, you will spend your life achieving your objectives but never gaining true happiness."

Says Dr. Robert Anthony, "The only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with "what is". When the mind is perfectly clear, "what is" is what we accept in this moment. People should be... My neighbors should be... My husband should...  My wife should... I should. These thoughts are ways of wanting reality to be different than it is. Here is my point - all the stress you feel in your life at this moment is caused by arguing with "what is".  Accepting "what is" doesn't mean you condone or approve of the way things are, it just means you give up all the resistance and inner struggle by wishing it were different. No one wants to lose their money, have their children get sick or be in a car accident. However, when these things happen it can it be helpful not to mentally argue with them. We know better than to do that, yet we do it because it is a HABITUAL PATTERN . . . It is simple logic. Before the thought you were not suffering. With the thought you are suffering. When you recognize the thought isn't true, you will go back to not suffering and return to happiness."

Continues Dr. Robert Anthony, "Living in the Flow and living in abundance is about focusing on WHO YOU ARE and what you can do in this moment. It is not about who you are not, what you cannot do, and what you don't have. WHO YOU ARE is everything. It is the ONLY thing that really matters because everything hinges on your ability to be yourself and to do that you must become intimately aware of the false beliefs you have about yourself and about the way life works. Who we are is our True and Authentic Self that is always connected and one with Source Energy. On the other hand, who we THINK we are is how we show up in life. If we are struggling we will never be who we are. Who we THINK we are comes from listening to other people rather than listening to ourselves."

So, how do you find out what is your heart's desire? When you quiet the inner dialogue in your head and free your true and authentic self to finally hear what is deep in your soul, THEN you will feel what is right for you. The good news is that the practice of Qigong trains our heart and our mind to unite as one (called the Yi in Chinese, which translates as "intention"). Qigong teaches us how to generate energy from inside our bodies with our mind. This ability allows us to transform our selves so that we do and think at the same time, achieving greater mental presence, which makes us feel happier since we are not conflicted between what we are doing and what we are thinking. We have control over our thoughts and our bodies. With regular and dedicated Qigong meditative practice, we can become much more present, mindful, and content. From that state of grace, you are able to transform your feelings and take back control of your life so that you are free to do what your true heart desires.

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