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Feb 6, 2011

Qigong Breathing - July 18, 2010

Source: Francisco Gomes - http://holybreathspiritualqigong.com/

When you took your first breath of air as an infant you began to mix the original essence from our Kidneys with the energy from the air and food you absorbed from your mother to create life force energy and you were born. You used your lower abdominal muscles to deep breathe (belly breathe) with and stored the life force energy in our Lower Tan-Tien (dan-dee-en). Your Tan Tien is located 1.3 inches below the navel and 1/3 inside of your body and it's also called the Well of Water in Christianity, Hara in Japanese, Na'au in Hawaiian, Tewa in Tibetan, and Hypogastrium in Western Medicine.

You were a Spiritual being and from that moment on we began to constantly generate and store an abundance of life force in our Lower Tan Tien by lower abdominal deep breathing (Tan Tien Breathing) 24 hours  day. The act of 24 hour abdominal (a Spiritual Holy Breath) breathing also increased the OHM vibration in your DNA which turned Matter into Spirit to purify you and this gave you a strong Spiritual connection with the One True Source (the Dao or Tao).

As you got older, more and more life force energy (living water) was stored in your Lower Tan-Tien. We had an abundance of life force energy stored in your Lower Tan Tien (living water well) in your youth. But, when you got older (4-14 years old) you reached a certain point when your 24 hour abdominal breathing (Tan Tien Breathing) (belly breathing) capabilities switched over to 16 hour or so a day shallow chest breathing due to eating and talking.

Let's take a breathing test: While standing up put one hand on your chest and the other on your lower abdomen just below your navel and inhale in through your nose. The hand on your chest moves. Lay down and put one hand on your chest and the other on your lower abdomen just below your navel, relax for a moment and inhale in through your nose. The hand on your lower abdomen will move (this is Lower Abdominal Deep Breathing, Tan Tien Breathing ). Stand up and you will begin to shallow chest breathe again when you inhale.

When this happened you began to lose 2/3's of your Life Force supply to our Lower Tan Tien and the Spirit of the One True Source within began to weaken due to lack of life force inside your body. Qigong work re-awakens us to breathe as we originally did when we were infants, and thus this deep abdominal breathing (from the sides, to the back, to the front, to the top) opens our bodies and fills us with healing and purifying oxygen and removes stagnation and blockages, allowing us to live not only longer but healthier lives. This opening method begins the process of healing from the physical (integrating the mind and body), to the emotional (peace of mind), and finally to the spiritual (self transformation).

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