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Feb 6, 2011

Sprouting Seeds in Your Garden - December 12, 2010

Many spiritual traditions say "As above, so below, as within, so with out".  Above all, Qigong is an Alchemical process, a method of transforming the self from a lower form to a higher form, much like a tiny seed germinates and grows to be a tree or plant. Germination is the process in which a plant or fungus emerges from a seed or spore and begins growth. Also, germination can imply anything expanding into greater being from a small existence. Most seeds go through a period of quiescence where there is no active growth; during this time the seed can be safely transported to a new location and/or survive adverse climate conditions until circumstances are favorable for growth. Quiescent seeds are ripe seeds that do not germinate because they are subject to external environmental conditions that prevent the initiation of metabolic processes and cell growth. In nature, some seeds require particular conditions to germinate, such as the heat of a fire, or soaking in a body of water for a long period of time. Qigong theory states that physical transformation of the body needs to occur to bring your inner soul or Higher Self in harmony with the universal soul or One True Source. Qigong is part of the process of PREPARING your body, heart, and spirit so that your desires, or spiritual seeds, can come into fruition.

A farmer or gardener plants seeds under the proper conditions, adds water, and walks away. How or why that seed will germinate is not his concern. He just lets nature do its work. On a spiritual level, people plant seeds all the time. Every desire you have is a seed seeking to germinate and come to fruition. But, do you pull up the seeds planted in your garden to see if they are growing yet? By doubting or worrying, that's exactly what you are doing! You are telling the seeds that you demand them to show you results right now. That's a sure fire way to not only stop the growth, but also in killing the seed itself. Impatience, one of your worst enemies! By focusing on the ABSENCE of physical proof (what you don't have or don't want), you are slowing or halting the very thing that you desire to come into being. How that seed is going to germinate is not your problem, the Universe or the True Source (the Dao / Tao) working with your Higher Self will take care of that. But do you trust your Higher Self or the One True Source or do you keep looking for evidence that they are "doing something"? Just because you don't see your desires met in physical reality at the moment, doesn't mean they are not on the way to you. 99% of the creative work of something coming into being (seeds sprouting), happens BEFORE you ever see anything. Seeds look dormant but they are not; they are using energy that is the equivalent of a bursting megabomb from the moment it is planted to the moment they finally sprout.

Just like seeds need to soak up water before cellular metabolism and growth can resume because they are dry inside, so too does Qigong provide the life force of the universe -- Qi (Chi) -- to soak inside our bodies to counteract the stagnation of our heart and spirit.  Just like Oxygen is required by the germinating seed for metabolism, so too does Qigong's breathing methods bring Oxygen deep into the body to give it internal energy. Just like temperature affects the cellular and metabolic growth rate of germination, so too does Qigong's healing methods warm or cool off your body as needed. Just like many seeds will not sprout unless there is sufficient light for growth of the seedling, so too does Qigong's meditation methods provide the light necessary for peace of mind. Finally, after all the necessary factors for new life to spring forth from the seed and grow strong and bear fruit, so too does Qigong's Healing, Purifying, and Manifesting methods provide you with all the best things for the physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation necessary for your desires to come to fruition.

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