Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

Feb 6, 2011

Here's what's happening when feeling strong emotions after practicing Qigong - October 2, 2010

New energy is coming into your system, while stale, worn out old energy is exiting your system. Your system stays in a state of harmony as long as what comes in and what goes out are equal. Where there's more input of new energy coming in and less going out of old energy, then your system goes into disharmony and it feels like chaos. But this is GOOD. 

In this moment, you have two choices: to breakdown or to breakthrough. The fact that it is happening at all means that your capacity to handle things has INCREASED.
So, that means you can handle it, if you just breathe deep, slow down, and just enjoy what is happening right now. No thinking ahead or looking back. You are making a leap to a new level of achievement. You ARE able to breakthrough, you will feel much stronger and lighter and smarter and more energized and better.
You are already there, just accept it. The turmoil you feel is just the old world disappearing and the new world coming in to your awareness. 

You already have more health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. You have it now because your future self was created with these things when doing the Manifesting Qigong techniques. You just have to align your present physical self with your future spiritual self to get it. To do that, have to open your emotional blockages, so that your emotional center can open up and flow in harmony so that your physical and spirituals centers can unite. 

Once you are open, giving and taking (sharing) can occur between yourself and the world around you. You can then let your sharing emotional self take care of things, give the world time to bring these things to you. The earth, your life, is now planted with the seed of your future self, so  you have to accept that the seed is growing and developing in the earth and it is all coming to fruition. 

There's nothing you have to do, it is a done deal. By being impatient and saying "I want it now!" you are stunting the growth of this new seed. Bamboo plants take 7 years to sprout from the seed! After that they grow in extreme abundance, one of the fastest grows plants known! 

All you have to do is accept that you already have it, and LIVE LIKE IT IS ALREADY DONE. increase your awareness that you have health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. HOW it is going to happen is NOT YOUR CONCERN. Who cares, since it is a done deal. Just go on about your daily business with a new found awareness that you have these things in the making and they are yours and on their way to you, just like you ordered. It's not how you feel concerning your past, its how you carry your physical self now into your future, your higher self. 

Weeping away is "always leaving, but never arriving". There is nothing to weep about, complete the past and squeeze it out. Choose what you want and take it.

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