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Feb 6, 2011

Positive Thinking on it OWN is not Enough - November 7, 2010

A famous saying in metaphysics is "As above, so below, as within, so with out". What is happening within the body is a clue to what issues are effecting someone's life outside of the physical body. When there is stagnation, obstruction, or depletion of energy or Qi in any one area there is a domino effect that will eventually cause other symptoms to occur both physically or environmentally. Treating symptoms in isolation will not necessarily effect a cure, since the underlying energetic cause of the problem may lie in areas other than where the symptom occurred.

Hilda Wei Williams, a Chinese Qigong master, says, "A winning attitude, positive thinking, and intent and visualization — these are all great tools that can drive us to succeed, but are these enough? . . . Put your positive attitude to work for you. Don't just ask — go out and look for it! Write your future, fulfill your dreams, and make your destiny! . . . you get as much as you put in . . . You decide how much time and effort your success is worth . . . Success comes from more than positive thinking but also hard work. . . Don't have the time? Make time. Don't have the knowledge? Go educate yourself! . . . Qigong is no different. If you want to master the art of qigong, you have to be willing to put in the practice. Positive thinking and yinian or the yi mind power are the keys to controlling the Qi, your intrinsic lifeforce, but without sufficient training and practice, you still have no Qi to control." 

Qi permeates everything and links the parts of our surroundings together.  Once you are a master of your Qi, your life force, then you can move beyond that to create your own manifestation.
To illustrate: Many people watched the film, The Secret and came away from it with a great sense of hope. But then they grew increasingly frustrated and even angry that despite all their inspired motivation, nothing much actually happened different in their lives. This sad situation was a result of confusing the fantasy of "things getting better" with the real WORK deliberately creating new energy. There are various factors involved doing energy work, which include motivation, positive thinking, integrated mind / body, resolution, strong effort, and intent. But, ALL these factors are necessary to achieve real results. Positive thinking is all well and good, but it won't get rid of your obstacles for you. 

Sales and motivation speaker Zig Ziglar tells this relevant story:
"A very wealthy man wanted to see who was worthy enough to marry his only daughter, so he invited all of his daughter's suitors to his large real estate. All of his property and wealth, he said, would go to the man who married his daughter, if he could pass one test, and that was to swim across an alligator-infested lake.

Well, for the longest period of time, there was silence, as no one wanted to put his life on the line. Suddenly, without a word, one man jumps into the lake and begins to swim as fast as he could, with the alligators snapping close behind him. When he finally reaches the other side, he is huffing with exertion, but fortunately in one piece. His prospective father-in-law rushes to his side congratulating him on his success and having won his daughter's hand in marriage. What, he asked, did the young man have to say to that?

Still breathing hard from his exertions, the young man said, "Just one thing…who pushed me in?!"

Says Zig: "Positive thinking didn't play a major role here. This man was motivated because he had no choice …but look how his motivation pushed him to succeed! What winning attitude can drive you to succeed? What mountain of obstacles do you have to cross that will make your success all that much sweeter?"

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