Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

Feb 6, 2011

About Qigong - August 1 , 2010

 Source: Hilda Wei Williams http://www.chikung-unlimited.com/Benefits.html 
  • Qigong develops tremendous mind power. Few people outside of qigong circles have ever heard of the powers of yinian or the yi consciousness.

    It is the rudder or the steering wheel that channels the chi energy for healing, self-defense, will power and concentration, health and longevity, spiritual development, and so much more! When the yi consciousness is harnessed properly, the qigong practitioner is capable of unbelievably great power that far surpasses physical brute strength. A practitioner channels chi even further by extending it beyond the body, so that one is able to change how things are happening around you! This allows you to release blockages from past events to heal yourself, and also to change the energy so that you can manifest all that you desire (for the good of all). You became natural at doing things for the highest good, the more you give to more you get.
  • How is this possible? Because qigong accesses the yi consciousness . Therein lies the mind power to harness and manipulate the chi life-force for self-defense, healing and personal development. Therein also lies the potential for developing unbelievable mind power.

  • Qigong develops psychic ability. Some of the abilities manifested by qigong masters include psychic healing using qi or chi energy, distance healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, out-of-body experience (OBE), and soul travel.

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