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Feb 6, 2011

On the Nature of Giving and Receiving - September 18, 2010

In the Jindao Qigong system, the main idea is to connect with the Dao, the One True Source and align who we really are with how nature really is. 

We heal and purify our energy fields so that we can manifest Joy in our lives. When we are in harmony with the Giving nature of the Heavens and with the Receiving nature of Earth> We feel at our best, we feel energetic, we feel strong. Our physical, emotional, and spiritual centers are united in a harmonious manner. In this state, you vibrate at a higher frequency causing you to glow; your body, heart/mind, and soul actually Sing. 

The RESULT of this harmonic Joy IS health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. When you feel this Joy you are inspired to act, your inspired action brings results because you are always in the right place at the right time and you attract right people, right places, right possessions, and right prosperity. You feel Right. Feeling Joy allows one to focus attention towards the solution, not the problems behind us. This is called the Dao, the Way. It is the way, the path, that we walk on when we are not lost. Walking on this path we feel purpose and fulfillment. In this state, we already have ALL that is best for us, which we express as what we 'desire to receive'. We only have to accept it. 

Giving energy is unconditional, always and ever, which we know as Love. This eternal Love is the very nature of the One True Source, from which all things have been created. Receiving energy is the very nature of the Earth, all things that exist on Earth return to it. The earth reclaims all things that exist on it. All things that exist on earth were created out of it from rock to plants to animals to people.
We can observe that Love creates. The act of Love creates many things: babies, art, music, sculptures, inventions, and more. But, Love must be received in order to be acknowledged and thus enjoyed. All of creation is not only the Vessel to receive this unconditional giving (Love), BUT, since all things come from the Source, all is composed of it. We are the full expression of the One True Source. Thus, Receiving comes from Giving. 

Our physical center gives to the Earth; our spiritual center receives from the Heavens; our emotional center Shares with others, giving while receiving. When in the Qigong posture of Embracing The Moon, which looks like holding a cup in front in you, it appears as if you are both offering to others what is in your cup while at the same time your cup is being filled. The act is the same. Giving is Receiving. But, giving comes first. Just as the universal Love creates, so too does Giving. Giving is a creative act. There is ONLY room to receive in your cup when you make room by giving. Hence, "The More you Give, the More you Receive". it is a Joyous thing to give, because it allows you to receive so much as well. By giving and receiving, we are able to manifest (create) all that is good for ourselves, for others, and for the world. 

When we vibrate at the higher frequency of Joy, we naturally wish to express Gratitude to the Giving and Receiving Energies that intersect within us. When feeling Gratitude we can truly know that we are the Intersection of Heaven and Earth. We are the antenna from which Universal Love is broadcast to the Earth. We are the eyes, ears, hands, and feet of the Universe. If we are on the right path, of the One True Source, that we make the right things happen. We create Harmony.

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