Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

Feb 6, 2011

Program Your Mind To Turn Your Dreams and Desires Into Reality - October 24, 2010

One of the most basic skills of Qigong is being able to generate an energy flow through slow, graceful movements, coordinated with the breath. It is this energy flow that is vital to removing blockages to the harmonious flow of energy through the meridians (energy streams) of the body. Another basic skill of Qigong is meditation, which is being able to achieve stillness while directing the mind through the body to increase awareness. Both skills work in harmony (as a Yin / Yang relationship) to promote healing, purifying, and manifesting creative energy. When we harmoniously practice Stillness and Energy Flow, it is like we are cleaning dirt off a window and allowing the sunshine, WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE, to flood through and light up your room. By requiring your mind to focus on specific actions in coordination with our breathing, we increase our awareness of our inner sensations and feelings. This increased awareness enhances our ability to pay attention to what we choose to at the moment, creating a meaningful flow of energy. When we have a meaningful flow of energy we have good health, vitality, and a long happy and prosperous life.

According to Dr. Robert Anthony: "Every action you take will either strengthen or weaken your power. Every time you give in to any impulse, your ability to resist it in the future becomes weaker. Anytime you are tempted by any behavior that is in contradiction to what you desire, you have a strengthening choice or a weakening choice. . . Say to yourself, "As I choose the strengthening decision now, I am making myself more powerful and my life easier from this moment on". As you practice this way of thinking every day, these decisions will become easier and easier because you will trust the "Flow", as a result, you will become more and more powerful by the minute.".

Thoughts and feelings are comprised of energy, how you harness this power creates your reality. During Qigong practice, when we shut off all the stressful and negative noise that over thinking brings on and instead focus on Joy and Gratitude, which is ultimately Giving and Receiving, we can be mindful of what good we already have now. The power of gratitude is very strong because it determines the outcome of our lives. This state of being allows us to grow more and more positive, and thus attracts to us more and more positive experiences. When we learn how to effectively shift how we think and behave in key situations, we take responsibility to creating the results we desire. Our Thoughts effect our Feelings, our Feelings effect our Actions, and the Actions we take effect the Results we get. By focusing your thoughts on joy and gratitude can have a powerfully positive effect on your feelings, which will effect the types of action you take and inevitably that will effect the results you get.

Increasingly, the field of Quantum Physics has shown what Qigong practitioners have known for 5,000 years: that your mind actually has the power to influence the creation of your external environment. It is like turning the radio dial to a station that plays music that uplifts and inspires us instead of listening to static noise that hurts us. Understand that WE are the antenna between Heaven and Earth, and so it is up to us to tune in the signals that are good for us, rather than waste our life on harmful noise. Whenever our mind starts to race with thoughts that bring us to nervousness, despair, anxiety, and so on, that is exactly when we must make the effort ('Gong' in Chinese) to "change the station" and list all the things that make us happy (regardless of what they are) and then all the things that we are grateful for.  Allowing ourselves to feel Joy and Gratitude clears all the pains from our past, releasing us from condemning our future to be our past. We can complete the past and squeeze it out, by sitting still and knowing that we can choose a new vibrant life. The use of Qigong to heal your unresolved issues, purify your body, and to manifest what you desire allows you to regain Control Of Your LIFE and Achieve Your FULL POTENTIAL.

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