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Feb 6, 2011

Qigong and the Yin Yang Symbol - August 28, 2010

Concerning Qigong, people look at the famous yin-yang symbol, but hardly realize what it means. It does not mean Balance, that is static and dead. It means HARMONIC CHANGE, like waves ebbing and flowing, always this way and that, bobbing and weaving about. Within each "fish" of the yin-yang symbol there is an "eye" or small circle, this means that whenever a force reaches an extreme, it contains within itself the seed of its own opposite. Hence, change is always there. Balance means there is no change. There is static, which means not harmony, but blockages, non-movements. Harmony is achieved like the striking of a tuning fork! The two sides of the fork are struck, and they sing out and vibrate. Their tones move in and out together creating a wavering tone, which hums like a happy song.

The humming comes from the change that came when the forks were struck. Change is flow, change is movement, change is goodness. Every great come uppance was always first preceded by a great downfall - think back and you will see that in your life. The dips in your life were necessary for you to achieve the high points in your life, not only to appreciate them, but to actually generate them! IF there is stillness, static, then you don't notice anything, if there is change, then you become more aware, and more alive. the practice of Qigong allows you to generate change first in your hands, then inside, and then outside of yourself. Then, all good things flow to you and through you.

When you realize that EVERYTHING is energy and vibrates together in a field of harmonious changes, then you draw what you desire to receive from the Dao, the One True Source, the Path, which is a field of unlimited possibilities. Qigong offers you life and to have it more abundantly.

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