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Feb 6, 2011

What you want already exists right now, not outside of you but within you - January 16, 2011

Manifestation is a topic of concern for many people today, primarily because most people are now looking to better their lives in some way or other. People see that I list Manifesting as part of the Jindao Health Transforming Qigong system that I practice and teach. They ask me what manifesting has to do with Qigong and healing and purifying. Well, Qigong is a way of making internal transformations happen that create external manifestations. The definition of 'manifesting' is "to make something apparent", also to "clearly reveal something to the mind, the senses, or to the judgment". Meaning, a creative act ("to make") or a process ("reveal") was performed so that "something was understood" or "something happened" or "something was made" to create a change or transformation inside you that now shows itself outside you.  Thus, when you manifest a thing or event (health or wealth or whatever) you reveal it or make it apparent not only to yourself but to others. So, Manifesting IS when you show the results of creating a change or transformation.
This internal transformation is a creative act because it MAKES results (which means that health, wealth, prosperity, etc., are actually the results of performing a process or a creative act). Furthermore, t he creative act itself can be seen as the process of manifesting the union of our Imagination and our Intent. Imagination + Intent  =  Manifestation. Both Imagination and Intent involve using the mind and body to perform a creative act. Imagination is the internal creation of an image, thought, or idea. Intent is the internal creation of a purposeful desire to act. Intent  is pure spirit in motion. Imagination can be so vivid that people actually generate strong feelings in their bodies when they think of the images they are creating in their mind. Intentions can be so focused that people generate strong feelings in their bodies when they think of the desires they are creating in their mind. Thus, Imagination involves thinking about being / doing and Intent involves doing what you are thinking about. When we align Imagination with Intent, we are able to achieve strong results. People imagine things all the time that never materialize, but when Intent is added to Imagination, what we intently and purposefully focus on becomes real because it already feels real (before we see it materialize). You feel it into reality. In the Qigong system, if the results that you don't want are happening, they are happening unconsciously, and they are trying to reveal something that is stuck in your energetic pathways. When we don't align Imagination with Intent, we can manifest what we don't want equally with what we do want. Or, we manifest random results that either stagnate or hurt us in the long run.
People naturally manifest all the time. For example, when writing. People's imagination clearly merges with their intentions and the hand transmits this in the form of writing. Likewise, people manifest when they draw, paint, sculpt, compose a song or photo, and so on. During these acts, people often BEGIN with the END result already in mind. They have this final image clearly available to themselves so that they can then EXPRESS this preconceived image (as a drawing, as a painting, as a sculpture, as a photo, as a book, as a song, as a dance, and so on). The act of expression (Intent) then is the bridge from Imagination to the final manifestation. Neville once wrote and shared, “A change in your feeling is a change in your destiny”. Manifestation then is when people create results (things or events). For example, an internal transformation happens through Qigong methods that exhibits itself as a thing or event (makes a result), such as Health. Wealth is just social health. Prosperity is just financial health. To manifest this result, people begin with Health (the end result) in mind, not with disease in mind. They perform actions that express their intention to be healthy and feel their final image of themselves as being healthy. Health then is a manifestation of what you are thinking and doing and feeling, such as eating right, taking supplements, detoxifying the body, practicing Qigong, transforming the self through meditation and a positive attitude, and so on.
 Mind, body, and spirit are all really the same thing. There is no use to separate them, as it implies we are divided against ourselves. Since EVERYTHING is made of Energy, everything is really Spirit, Pure Source, all really one whole person. Qigong, because it includes Manifesting as well as Purifying, goes beyond mere healing but rather allows for Self Transformation to happen. Healing implies that there is disease, which just makes a state where we are both expecting this negativity to be there, testing and treating negativity. Instead, Transforming is going outside our current state, releasing our negative expectations, and choosing a positive alternative. The energy to choose change is inside us all, we just guide people to this awareness. Once enlightened, we are freed of any negative expectations, releasing pain, blocked emotions, stagnant energy, and so on.  Says Paul Bauer about Manifesting, "Imagine what your life would be like if you were to choose to live from your Heart and in the trust that what you desire is already real. . . the essence of creation is aligning with what you want being real right now -- feeling it, breathing into it and feeling the essence of it being here right now and being grateful for that . "

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