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Feb 6, 2011

On "Giving Up" - September 26, 2010

Many individuals struggle with staying motivated and reaching their goals. For many people, the term "Giving Up" means simply to just quit or to admit defeat. At best, others consider the term to mean: "A verbal act of renouncing a claim or right or position". This idea does get closer, but there can be a deeper meaning of the term that the words themselves clearly say; even though many do not even notice it, being so caught up in tribulation.  There is a surrendering or even a sacrificing implied in the term "give up", but if one examines and takes into consideration each of the two words of the term, one can receive much greater insight.

There is a definite "letting go" occurring when one "gives up", which brings us to the first word "Give". There is a reason that "give" is used. For when one finally surrenders after trying to use every manner of schemes and mechanizations to force to an outcome and finally "lets go" of one's grip, ONLY THEN can one lift this great burden and "Give" it away. With this letting go and giving, one finally gets a sense of relief. All the struggling and thinking and worrying and fighting and forcing and trying and failing all vanish once one finally stops and "gives". One finally 'abandons' this ceaseless struggle to force things to happen and there is a tremendous sense of relinquishing this hold to another who is more capable. Once one realizes just to "who" one is relinquishing to, then it becomes clear that "giving up" does not have to be a negative emotional state, though it may have inadvertently proceeded it.

Which takes us to the second word: "Up". The use of the word "Up" for this term shows clearly that there is indeed a sense of direction for this giving, this abandoning and relinquishing of struggle and turmoil. Up implies a positive thing, a sense that there is movement going on above us, to a higher place, a higher calling, a higher energy, a higher vantage point than where we were struggling from. In "giving up" there is a gesture that is always done, where one lifts the arms and hands up towards the heavens. At this point, there is finally a letting go of this heavy weight, letting it be plucked from one's palms, immediately lightening the burdensome load. Indeed, success in reaching one's goal soon follows, strangely enough, when
one finally "Gives Up". Hence, one is GIVING one's burdens UP to the heavens for relief. Soon enough, now calm of spirit, with nothing left that one can do anymore. There, the heavens (The One True Source / God / Goddess / Universe / Dao ) can finally reach down and lift this burden off our hands, once we decide to stop trying to do things our way and we give God our trust to see things through.

So, when one understands the true nature of "Giving Up", one is far from being in a state of defeat but rather in a state of grace. Instead of struggle, we receive the light that illuminates our way because we are finally able to trust God to take care of our desires/wants/needs. For when we finally give up this stubbornness to do things our way and we let God as our creator take over, we then have our hands free to receive all the good that fulfills our lives. And, invariably, in this moment of truth, we receive not only peace but the answers we sought; often enough with even better results than we were trying for in the first place!

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