Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

Feb 6, 2011

"Emotional fitness" Manifesting your Greatness - October 17, 2010

Qigong increases the level of circulation to the body, organs, glands, and nerves, which rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. Studies show that Qigong activates 90 percent of the brain. Qigong heals by raising energy levels high enough to push through blockages in the circulatory and nervous systems (like blowing through a straw to clear the path). A blockage is a small area where blood cannot fully go or where disease can occur. Qigong improves blood flow and opens blockages by relaxing the body so that your INTENTION can guide the blood through to closed off capillaries. Besides physical blockages (relationship with your body), there are also emotional (your relationship with others) and spiritual blockages (relationship with your higher self and the One True Source) as well. These are known as Unresolved Issues ("ghosts" as translated from the Chinese).

Avoiding discomfort (stress, tension, struggle, fear) is one of the major ways to create energy blockages: " Anything suppressed is expressed" . What's worse is that 'stuff' that is avoided comes back instead as PAIN, major pain: " Pay attention or pay in pain". Says Robert Aitken Roshi in The Gateless Barrier : "If you try to cut off thoughts and feelings, thoughts and feelings will defeat your efforts and come flooding through, and you'll be desperately trying to plug the dike. Such an endeavor brings only despair. . . Notice and remember, notice and remember - a very simple, yet exacting practice."

According to Dr. Robert Anthony: "Struggle is trying to rearrange the world so that it aligns with the way you think it should be. It is the greatest source of unhappiness in our world today. It happens when you focus on what you perceive you don't have, instead of embracing what you do have. The denial or more accurately the resistance to your true nature is what keeps you struggling. Abundance is about lovingly accepting WHO and WHERE you are IN THIS MOMENT. It is focusing on all that you have and not losing yourself in all that you don't have. In the end, it is this thought that allows us to live in the Flow of unstoppable riches in every area of our lives." When you are in harmony with yourself and the universe (The One True Source), your spiritual, emotional, and physical centers no longer feel separate; free of blockages, they flow together until they form into one harmonious unit.

Also, according to Dr. Robert Anthony: "Another way to look at this is imagine the seed of the oak tree. Everything that defines the oak tree is already in the acorn. Unlike us, the acorn does not live under the illusion that it needs to be something else or needs to strive towards an accomplishment that is not in its nature. We are as great as we ALLOW ourselves to be. The problems is most of us don't ALLOW ourselves to live our greatness. Instead, we are quick to place huge limits on what we can do before we have even begun to do it. . . Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress, no matter how large or small - IF YOU LOOK FOR IT! " The only limits you have are the ones you are placing on yourself. If you practice living in the "flow" and living  in "alignment" your self imposed limits are unnecessary.

Qigong is a process by which one can direct one's Intention to specific ends, which increases Awareness, which in turn increases Attention. During Qigong practice you are constantly paying attention to HOW YOU THINK. Thoughts, Energy, and Intention work together. Qigong helps in GETTING PAST FEAR and "CONNECTING" ON A DEEP LEVEL. On a basic level, your own patterns of THINKING and FEELING lead to the ACTIONS you take and the BEHAVIOR you display. Negative feelings, more often than not, lead to NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES. If you are in CONTROL of your EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES and have a handle on your own emotional state, then you can consistently create more POSITIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES.

Find something good that you can focus on.  This is what will keep you in the "flow".  You are out of the "flow" anytime you focus on or replay things in your mind that are not in alignment with the way you want to live. Focus (attention) on what you love. What you love shows in your results. Results are a mirror of what you pay attention to.

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