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Feb 6, 2011

You already are that which you seek - January 23, 2011

Previously I wrote about Manifesting and how it arises from combining emotionally felt Imagination with heart felt Intention. According to Paul Bauer, "Intent is pure energy. It's pure spirit in motion. Every thought, every feeling you feel is intent. Therefore, you're always intending. Each time you think or feel, you're placing attention on something. In other words, you're giving it energy (positive or negative). As you begin to notice what's "showing up" in your life, you then begin to see the effects of your intent in motion."

Results come when you feel that your desires are already real. But one thing that has to be made perfectly clear is that "manifesting" is not about forcing things to happen. It is not about doing 'magic spells' that instantly create new stuff for you to have. Its really about GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY SO THAT WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU CAN COME ABOUT. This idea means that you are ACTIVE with your INTENT so that you can MANIFEST what you really NEED versus what you think you WANT. One has to understand that manifesting is not about striving for or trying to “attract” but rather LETTING WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE INSIDE YOU FREE TO COME INTO BEING.

What is "inside" us? First, one must understand what we are made of.  In Qigong, the Dao (Tao) is a name for the one true Source of all that exists. People call this Source many things: God, Goddess, Great Spirit, etc.  Scientists, especially physicists, agree that 'Everything that exists in the Universe came from ONE Source that made it all come into being'. Most spiritual traditions of all types will say just about the same thing. Furthermore, everything that exists has some kind of Energy (the measurable ability to produce physical changes) and Energy not only vibrates, has different frequencies, but it also transforms from one form into another form. In Qigong, Energy is called 'Universal Qi' and is a living force. Nikola Tesla said, "If you wish to understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration." Energy, frequencies, sounds, and vibrations are all around us, even if you can not hear, see, or sense them in any way AND they are always affecting us.

Since everything is made of this creative Source energy, we can never be separate from this Source, neither can our energy. We thus are Source energy. Albert Einstein said that “ A human being is part of the whole, called by us the “Universe” – a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. ” In ultimate reality there is only one thing and that's Life. It all starts with Being (we are individually a part of the Whole creation) and the Power within. We are everything, we are all that is. The fact is that We are pure Source, not separated from it by any law.

Many people believe that the premise of the “law of attraction” is that if you “do” something - and do it the “right way”, then you'll “attract” something, as if it is a pipe that can be tapped into. But what is false about this premise is that it implies that you are separate from the very thing your mind thinks you need to “attract”. In other words, why if you are Source would you need to attract anything at all? The flaw is that every time you think you need to attract something (or align, do, shift vibration, etc.) you actually send the signal to your subconscious mind that you don't have it to begin with. And that signal is your feelings. Feelings always are more powerful than thoughts. So your consistent thoughts and their resultant feelings will eventually manifest themselves as the results of your life - good or bad.

Thus, you get what you think about, whether you like it or not, so you must watch where you put your attention to. Otherwise, you condemn your future to be your past.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.  You are bringing the future into the present. Again according to Paul Bauer: "Tuning into the feeling of *already having it* is the key. For the sheer joy of feeling it. Regardless of whether it shows up or not. Yes - you read right...  That's when it becomes pure intent - when you decide that the feeling is the key and all that's really important is the Essence of your intent. Not how it shows up in the physical world (or "when"). When you choose to feel the Essence of your intent already being real, your intent purifies."

When you finally understand that “I have within me all that I need and desire”, your  “field of awareness” opens up so that things, events, ideas, people, possibilities, wealth, prosperity, health, and so on will begin to “show up” in your field of vision and your daily life. According to the study of quantum physics and qigong, there is no need to ‘attract' anything at all. When we intend to change our life and manifest what we desire – we are allowing ourselves to 'see' what is already there.

Once you stop trying so hard, and just “be”, and, once you let go of “wanting”, then, everything falls into place and the Universe unfolds just as it should. Thus, “not enough” (lacking, wanting, needing) is an illusion caused by the illusion of 'separation' that Einstein spoke of. This myth about attracting something from the outside to you is old separation consciousness. The new paradigm for the 21st century is not about how much you can get or have. It's about how you can contribute – and the universe will respond to your intent – in every moment.

In order to be free to contribute and open your field of awareness, your mind and body must be united and you must also be physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy so that you can be free of stress, tension, anxiety, and the inability to relax. Say Paul Bauer, "At the time a trauma first occurred, a part of our own Self literally became disconnected in order to prevent you from ever feeling that pain ever again. There are parts of you that are much smarter (and faster) than your conscious mind and these parts take on the trauma so you don't have to. Once that part of you takes on the trauma to prevent you from being hurt again, it puts up a wall between you and ANY experience that it thinks is similar. At a very deep level – we are the ones who created our blocks. . . This old conditioning blocks your awareness that you are not separate from what you want. The only separation that exists is within yourself." This blocked condition is the Number One reason that you cannot connect to the Source and transform your life into one of health, wealth, and prosperity.

The highest level of attainment in qigong is to get the shen (consciousness / mind) into a pure and calm state. When you can breathe deeply and relax, you can connect easily with the Source without distraction. The art and science of Qigong states that your Qi determines the state of your health. If Qi, blood, and oxygen are flowing freely in a balanced manner throughout the body, you have good health. If Qi becomes blocked, stagnant, or imbalanced in some manner, illness or injury will follow.

Jindao Health Transforming Qigong detects and resolves energetic imbalances using specific hands-on and hand-off methods and techniques, which include:
• Inducing and balancing energetic pulsing within the body's energetic points, centers, internal organs, joints, cavities, and glands
• Releasing energetic blockages within the body's spiraling pathways
• Controlling the movement of Qi through the body's channels while either projecting or absorbing energy
• Activating dormant energy channels.

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