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Feb 13, 2011

Doing Nothing - February 11, 2011

When one desires to meditate, one literally does nothing. First one breathes deep and slow and one either stands, sits, or lies down, with eyes closed. No actions are performed with the body. One becomes conscious of thoughts arising. These thoughts appear suddenly and randomly and are ignored until they slowly cease to occur. Soon enough, one is simply doing nothing other than just being there. A gap of nothingness is observed between thoughts. Within this gap, one observes there is Nothing and that all thoughts arise from this Nothing. During this state of meditation, one observes (becomes conscious of) a natural feeling that arises from this Nothing and develops further in intensity. First one feels stillness, then quiet, then peace, then joy, and then bliss (the sum of the other feelings). This feeling is unconditional, it does not depend on actions or outside events to stimulate it into existence. This unconditional feeling is not like the reactive and conditional feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, guilt, remorse, tread, worry, pride, and so on that must depend on something else (an event, idea, or thought) to stimulate their existence in the mind/body. 

This unconditional feeling allows one to realize that there something to observe. When there is something to observe, the Self exists from out of Nothing.  Furthermore, this Self exists regardless of any thoughts or reactive feelings.  In many traditions, when the self becomes aware of itself, it is called Knowing. One thus becomes aware of that which is unchanging, without beginning nor end, a True Source from which all arises. As consciousness automatically turns inward, the mind/body becomes aware of the Self and also of the Source of the unconditional feeling, which is Nothing. Once Self Aware, one realizes that the Self was always there in the background regardless of ages and events, always observing. One knows that everything comes from one Source, and that there is no movement really and that everything then is an illusion because all comes from Nothing. One knows that there is only now, the past, present, and future existing all at once. 

Once one knows that the Self is not separate from this True Source, the Self drops away merging with everything and nothing and one enters the meditative state that is called Pure Awareness. One realizes that there is no movement within the True Source, since it is Nothing, there is only Pure Awareness. Pure Awareness is discussed in many ancient traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Kaballism. Everything that exists, every created thing, is the unmoving, non-existent illusion of Pure Awareness. Pure Awareness is everywhere at once and is thus Pure Being. Thus, the Self manifests itself from out of Pure Awareness.

As even Quantum Physics will attest, everything that exists in the universe came from one Source and before that source there was Nothing. Thus, from Nothing came everything. Nothing is not separate from all that is created from it. Thus, Nothing is not empty. It is the point at which all energy stops moving, where all waves cease to vibrate; but it is also a point where all things can potentially arise from and do. Physicists call this Nothing (this Source of all things), the "unlimited field of potentiality". Because everyting that exists comes from this Nothing, because the unconditional feeling (mentioned previously) comes from this Nothing, because all thoughts come from this Nothing, because the Self comes from this Nothing, because Pure Awareness comes from this Nothing, one is able to be one with Nothing and Everything at once. Here, all things are possible. 

To connect with the place where all things are possible, one simply has to "do" nothing. You already are there since your thoughts, unconditional feeling, and your Self arise from it. Breathing deep and slow is the trigger that puts one into a meditative state where one can observe the gap between thoughts. Here the Self transforms into Pure Awareness and merges with everything and the source from which everything arises, which is Nothing. The Self can let go of wants and needs since they are unnecessary blocks to peace and joy. One can instead state an intention of what one desires (become aware) and Pure Awareness will connect to the Source and all will come to you. Trust the Source to do what is best for the Self. Effort and control are contrary to bliss.

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