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Feb 6, 2011

Benefits of Qigong - June 20, 2010

What benefits you can expect to gain if you practice Qigong (also spelled 'chi kong'. Qi is pronounced as "chee". Qigong means "Energy in Motion"):
1. Health and Vitality – improve health by removing blockages to harmonious Qi (chi) /energy flow through the meridians of the body and then increase the flow of Qi resulting in vitality.
2. Longevity – Qigong starts by promoting smooth Qi flow = health, then vigorous Qi flow = vitality and then an abundance of Qi = Longevity.
3. Internal Force – Energy inside your body, it helps you keep going all day long without feeling tired or fatigued.
4. Mind Expansion – clarity of thinking, enhanced problem solving, blissful state, inner calm, etc
5. Spiritual Cultivation – for those who wish to, the practice of Qigong can help you to see and experience spiritual truths great spiritual masters have spoken about.

from Marcus Santer (check out his great website: http://qigong365.com/

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