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Feb 19, 2011

"Embrace the Invisible - Being in the State of Grace" - February 20, 2011

(IMPORTANT NOTE: All the previous blog postings I have made so far about Qigong all lead and evolve to this particular posting! Re-read them as necessary.)
Qi in Chinese means not only "Breathe / Energy / Life Generating" but also VERY importantly "to issue forth". Gong means "Techniques/Methods/Ways/Skills" literally. Qigong as a term not only means "Breath/Energy/Life Generating Methods", but also "Breath/Energy/Life in Motion". In the science of physics, 'energy in motion' means energy transforming; since the science of Physics has discovered that everything is made of vibrating patterns of energy that come from one issuing forth point that came from Nothing and that this energy is always transforming from one state to another. Also, this Energy ultimately is composed of photons, which is moving Light.
Thus, the whole universe, everything that exists, is made of something that is INVISIBLE. Furthermore, the science of Molecular Biology has discovered that our bodies not only are made of this invisible original source vibrating energy on a molecular level, but also are composed of a rich variety of minerals, 70% water, and mostly empty space, all of which compose a crystalline being. You are an energy ʻsoupʼ filled with countless energetic frequencies and patterns.
 Both sciences have discovered that all molecules are composed of particles within waves of light and that the components of these molecules PULSE in and out of view. So, 50% of the time you exist and 50% of the time you and everything else is again INVISIBLE! Where are you when you are invisible? You and everything that exists returns to the Source, the state of nothingness where all vibrational waves stop moving, where all comes from and all is possible. Thus, you and everything that exists are ONE thing, of ONE source. The pulsing IS life transforming from one state to another, which in Qigong is the life generating concept of 'yin & yang'. Thus, it can be realized that Qigong in general and Jindao Qigong in particular is about Life Transformation because of all these points.
 When applying the Qi generating methods, Life Transformation is the end result of a process where the body/mind/spirit is coordinated into one healthy being and inner peace & joy arises as one connects to this Source. The Source is also known as The Tao/Dao (The Way), The Divine, Spirit, God, Goddess, and so on. So far in the previous posts, we have been talking about reaching and staying in this Source. Thus, Jindao Life Transformation Qigong is ultimately about being present in what many and varied spiritual traditions call "A State of Grace" - being under Divine INFLUENCE. This Influence (spiritual self realization) allows us to transcend our base humanity and 'Embrace the Invisible', the Divinity that creates and empowers us. From the Divine Source (and thus you and everything) all that was, is, and could be arises from and gives forth from; from here there is only unconditional giving issuing forth, which is another way of saying "Unconditional love". Also, we have been talking about how you don't have to do anything to receive this unconditional love, you just have to be there and accept it. So, it's not a Doing, it's a Being. You just have to sit still and know (pure awareness), let go, breathe, and be here now.
 Meditation, which is quieting the mind to experience peace, is one tool to generate more awareness. Through meditation, you are able to 'stop the world' and connect directly to the Source. At the Source, where there is the pure awareness that experiences the Nothing from which all thoughts emerge, there arises a transformational state of grace where there is first stillness, then quiet, then peace, then joy, then bliss. During this state of grace, you can go even further into ecstasy and beyond even that to where not only your mind/body/spirit unite but you feel at one with Nature, at one with all creation itself. Here, you can not only 'know yourself', but also "know the Divine".  When communing with the Divine, you instantly know that all that you that you knew was insignificant, that all the answers you thought you had, all the conclusions to you thought you had, were finite and small next to the vast infinity of the Divine. Here, you realize that you have only questions for the Divine, that the more that you are in its presence, the more questions you have and the more you wish to receive from the Divine.
 Many spiritual traditions from India, China, and elsewhere focus on inquiry as a means of quieting the mind and remaining in the energy of curiosity, rather than conclusion. If the question is correct, the answer will obviously follow. This idea has been the deepest level of awareness and hidden understanding of Spirituality for thousands of years: from shamanism 5,000 years ago, to Taoism, to Tantra, to Buddhism, to Zen, to Kabbalism, to Judaism, to Christianity, to Hawaiian Kahuna-ism, and forward into modern times with Neville Goddard's Power of Awareness, to Ekhart Tolle's Living in the Now, to Dr. Robert Anthony's Deliberate Creation, to Paul Bauer's Effortless Manifesting. to Kam Yuan's Yuan Method, to Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, to Frank Kinslow's Quantum Entrainment, to Gary Douglas' Access Consciousness, and so on. The common thread in all true Spiritualities is the concept of "The answer is in the question". Asking questions means being open to all possibilities, open to the giving nature of the Source. Thus,"To Question is to Receive".
Telling the Source your answer blocks your receiving of what could be best for you. Questioning frees you from the bondage of what you think you see before you. Presumed preconceived notions (that is: answers, judgments, and conclusions), stop the flow of energy in your life. More than that, just about all your conclusions were developed under the influence of others (parents, school teachers, peers, friends, enemies, society, nation, culture, and so on) as you were growing up. These conclusions influence your world view, your attitude, your feelings towards yourself and all that you do, your point of view (what you observe on the wave). These conclusions that you draw (from others) create all the limitations in your life. Your point of view creates your reality, rather than your reality creates your point of view. Thus, you can ask yourself, 'What if everything you think and everything you see actually creates everything you see in your experience of your life?'.  AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
 Asking the question, allows for there to be something different. Thus, you are living in the question. By 'Being the Question', you allow for possibilities. When you access The Source, by asking questions, it allows for all possibilities to occur because it creates a space for transformation to occur. The question creates more possibilities, while the "answer" (pre-conceived conclusion) limits possibilities. Having a specific point of view creates energetic limitations. If you resist or react, your are creating an energetic limitation. Resistance or reaction connects you to negativity. Allowance is never resisting or reacting against nor aligning or agreeing with. Being open to all possibilities means that The Source can Flow to you and bring you Divine influence. You need to 'Do Nothing' and just accept being in the Flow, you thus 'Choose Change' by being open to receive. In this way, life becomes unhindered, easy, and flowing. Being open to the Flow from The Source brings so much fulfillment that the result is always great joy, and with that there follows gratitude. By choosing change you choose a life of Joy and Gratitude. The questioning allows you to BE the energy for things to change, rather than to be the reaction to things that happen to you. The real truth is "Ask and you shall receive". To make life easy and joyous, you can change present reality by being open to the flow of all possibilities from the Source. To receive, you ask "what would it take to . . ."; "What else is possible?"; "What would it take for this to change?". To create a life transformation, ask "How does it get any better than this?", regardless of when things are "good" or "bad". 

The next thing to understand is that your willingness to receive is what opens or closes the receiving. There is the willingness to actually receive and the clearing of any energy that is in the way of receiving. At this point, you make space for Life Transformation by using tools to clear every past and present thought, feeling, pain, and so on.  Easier said than done? That is because we have lived blinded to what is really there around us, waiting and ready to be accepted. All that we have learned and experienced from childhood when we were ignorant of the Source has influenced us to be wary of pain in whatever form. Thus, we in essence create a gatekeeper between what happens in the outside world and what you allow inside. This gate keeper fears the unknown and clings to the familiar to keep safe. This condition creates instead more pain, stagnation, and blockages and divides us into body/mind/spirit. According to Dr. Robert Anthony, "The function of the Gatekeeper is very simple. It's basically to keep things the same. Its primary intention is to make your life easier by rejecting information that doesn't match the Subconscious Blueprint you already have inside. In this way, you don't have to keep making new decisions. So the Gatekeeper is designed to keep information out . . . it is useful to stop you from doing stupid things that hurt you . . . it's also very harmful when it keeps you stuck with a belief or habit that you don't want anymore. The Gatekeeper has some very powerful tools at its disposal, which include emotions like fear, doubt, worry and anger. These are psychological defense mechanisms that automatically reject new information. So the key is learning how to instantly bypass your inner gatekeeper and get directly to your subconscious mind -- when you learn to do that, you can change your inner blueprint in moments..."  Internal resistance by the Gate Keeper (the Ego) hinders the receiving.

Jindao Life Transforming Qigong uses various methods/skills/techniques/tools to dissolve these blockages and stagnation and to release the pain and fear so that one can Embrace the Invisible. We can live a life either enriched by it all, or in fear of it.

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