Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

May 18, 2011

How does Qigong HEAL?

How does Qigong HEAL?
By raising energy high enough to push through blockages in the circulatory and nervous systems (like blowing through a straw to clear the path). A blockage is a small area where blood cannot fully go or where disease can occur. Qigong improves blood flow and opens blockages by relaxing the body so that your INTENTION can guide the blood through to closed off capillaries. Studies show that Qigong activates 90 percent of the brain.
Qigong increases the level of circulation to the body, organs, glands, and nerves, which rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. Increases Longevity and reverses aging process; results in significant memory improvement, learning, and enhancement of the physiological functions controlled by the brain. Mediation is done with breath work and movements to help relax the body further to promote healing, such as:
Moving Meditation – heals while also making richer, thicker brain pathways and connects to the Insula, soothing the limbic Brain, relieving stress.
“Mindful Meditation” - The body is totally relaxed while moving in a meditative state.

Qigong gives the BENEFITS of jogging while using relaxed stillness within movements:
1) Improves motion of blood circulation and increases levels of neurotransmitters in blood.
2) Stimulates appetite, sexual functions, assimilation of nutrients, aid digestion/elimination.
3) Accelerates metabolism, weight regulation, and sleep regulation.
4) Boosts immunity, and reduces stress induced cortisol.
5) Develops dexterity, reflexes, and prevents osteoporosis; opens joints, stretch muscles, and enhances balance.
6) Allows greater brain-based microcirculation, stimulating bioelectric currents.
7) Enhances mental sharpness, focus, and concentration.
8) Restorative healing, calming effect brings peace of mind – cerebral cortex calms down.
9) Harnesses Universal Source Energy, improves healing, and helps spiritual growth.

Health practitioners NEED Qigong as they can became drained, absorb aches and pains of their clients, and may use incorrect body alignment and improper posture.

Practice in groups amplifies energy greatly. Biological magnetic field of each person joins to create a large group field. High amplitude energy heals people in a powerful way.
1 person = 5 units of energy. Person doing Qigong alone = 25 units; w/ 3 people = 150 units; w/ 10 people = 700 units; 500 people = 100,000 units.

"Emotional fitness": Qigong > Awareness > Attention. Meditational Qigong = Paying attention to HOW YOU THINK. Thoughts, Energy, and Intention work together. You choose your emotions. On a basic level, your own patterns of THINKING and FEELING lead to the ACTIONS you take and the BEHAVIOR you display. Qigong helps in GETTING PAST FEAR and "CONNECTING" ON A DEEP LEVEL. Negative feelings, more often than not, lead to NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES. If you are in CONTROL of your EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES and have a handle on your own emotional state, then you can consistently create more POSITIVE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES.

Matter = knots of Energy. Energy is made of light. Light comes from Universe. Universe is created of thought. Universe = Giving Energy; Earth = Receiving Energy; People = Sharing Energy – the intersection between “heaven and earth”.
TRUE SHARING > Resistance against ego > Reveals the Light by Sharing.
“I receive not for myself alone but in order to share.”
“You have to Give in order to Get”. Giving is receiving.
“It’s not what you want, but what you got”

Five Stages of Qigong Development: 1) Mind-Body Awareness; 2) Coordination of Breath with Mind-Body; 3) Rooting & Energetics; 4) Silk reeling – Waist rotation and alignment; 5) Spiral energy body.

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