Jindao Qigong for Healing, Purifying, Manifesting

Mar 6, 2011

“When a door is always in use, the hinges will never rust” – Chinese saying - March 6. 2011

Qigong is the oldest scientific tradition on earth, and its ideas match quantum physics & molecular biology. The types of Qigong can be divided by its purpose, whether that's creating health, healing others, spiritual development, or martial arts. Qigong uses a very large number of techniques to enhance energy production and flow in your body, including all kinds of massage, breathing methods, movements, and more.  First and foremost, Qigong is about increasing awareness and focusing attention to create intention. Taoist Longevity solutions reverse the aging process, boost vitality, and transform the self physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Through the practice of Qigong techniques, you can master the use of mental attention to connect directly with any part of your body. This focused attention, which is cultivating awareness, unites mind and body and spirit. By observing, you can change your physical properties: electrical activity, electrical resistance, and molecular structure. The positive results increase energy and boost vitality, increase blood circulation, enhance oxygen circulation, and relieves aches and pains. Eventually, you will feel like you can breath into the bones as you focus all your mental attention on the tips of your fingers and continue breathing, feel something like air or energy entering your finger tips as you inhale and exiting your finger tips as you exhale. This feeling spreads through the whole body and eventually you can direct it anywhere you want it to go, both inside and outside your body.

Within a short amount of time and daily effort, Qigong will 
- fix your posture,
- strengthen your muscles, tendons and fasciae,
- take your joints through their total range of motion,
- correct your breathing,
- compress energy into your fasciae, muscles, organs, body cavities and bones,
- renew your blood and oxygenate your cells,
- and give your central nervous system and your energy circulation system a total make-over.
Qigong gives the BENEFITS of jogging while using relaxed stillness within movements:
1) Improves motion of blood circulation and increases levels of neurotransmitters in blood.
2) Stimulates appetite, sexual functions, assimilation of nutrients, aid digestion/elimination.
3) Accelerates metabolism, weight regulation, and sleep regulation.
4) Boosts immunity, and reduces stress induced cortisol.
5) Develops dexterity, reflexes, and prevents osteoporosis; opens joints, stretch muscles, and enhances balance.
6) Allows greater brain-based microcirculation, stimulating bioelectric currents.
7) Enhances mental sharpness, focus, and concentration.
8) Restorative healing, calming effect brings peace of mind – cerebral cortex calms down.
9) Harnesses Universal Source Energy, improves healing, and helps spiritual growth.

Wai Dan Qigong Methods: by focusing on the meridian “water pipes” help keep energy flowing smoothly through the body for health, stress relief, and well-being. They use the limbs to encourage smooth qi flow through the meridians. As qi builds up in the limbs during practice, it will eventually flow back through the meridians to the internal organs to nourish them. Any excess of qi in the meridians will be “siphoned”; off into the vessel “reservoirs”; for storage.

Nai Dan Qigong Methods: by focusing on the vessel “reservoirs” help develop abundant energy for the entire body. They use primarily torso movements, especially in the major joints such as the shoulders or hip sockets, and/or mental concentration to generate and store qi in the reservoirs. As abundant qi becomes available, it will “overflow”; the reservoirs into the meridians, helping to clear out obstructions and smooth out qi flow.

Neigong Methods: to maintain the integrity of your energy, Qigong always emphasizes proper body mechanics. Vitality is lowered by non-articulation of body, from all of these you get increased vulnerability to disease from a weakened immune system (degenerative diseases and pathogens). Diet & nutrition follows proper body mechanics. Now matter how much healthy food your eat and supplements you take, they are nothing if you do not have a body that works efficiently and effectively.

Often people absorb tension into their bodies and it gets stored in the joints, causing joint pain and inflammation. Also, stress gets stored in the organs causing blockages and illness. Traditional exercises work from the outside in and can overtax the muscles, causing more stress and tension. Working from the inside out instead entails lengthening and strengthening the ligaments and tendons. The job of the ligaments is to connect bone to bone and they provide joint stability. The job of the tendons is to connect bone to muscle and they store and transmit energy.

Often people work out for hours at a time in the gym and get little results to show for it. Now matter how much time or effort they put in, they don’t get the results that they are looking for. The bodies still lack tone and they don’t feel any stronger. Other people either can’t to go to a gym or physically aren’t able to exercise because of an injury, aging issues, or illness. Both groups can benefit from learning ‘Neigong’ inner energy and strength training to develop their bodies from the inside out. Since ancient times, the Chinese Qigong system has contained inner core building methods called Neigong, which literally means “inner work”. The simple and easy to learn techniques of Neigong involve standing in place or walking while doing special movements so that the body is aligned and the joints and ligaments are strengthened. The techniques do not require weight lifting or pumping the muscles. Neigong also provides much energy to the body, enhancing one’s vitality, rejuvenating and de-aging the body.

According to renowned Qigong master Ken Cohen, "Qigong is one of the most cost-effective selfhealing methods in the world. The only investment needed is time, a half-hour to an hour each day; the dividends of better health, increased vitality, and peaceful alertness accrue daily and are cumulative."

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